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Get a brief overview of Austria’s agricultural sector with these facts and figures.
  • 6,400


    Around 6,400 people are employed in the agricultural technology sector.

  • 160,000

    agricultural and forestry enterprises

    In Austria’s small-scale agricultural and forestry sector, there are around 160,000 enterprises.

  • 22.7%

    percentage of organic enterprises

    22.7% of the enterprises in Austria carry out organic farming.

  • 12.75

    billion euros in exports

    The export volume of agriculture was EUR 12.75 billion in 2020.

Source: Association of Metaltechnology Industries
Agricultural technology - Key data 2020
Companies 35
Staff approx. 6.400
Revenues EUR 2.700 million
Export  EUR 1.550 million
Source: Statistics Austria, AMA-Marketing
Total agricultural foreign trade 2020
Exports  EUR 12.75 billion (+3.7 %)
Imports EUR 12.77 billion (+0.2 %)
Source: Statistics Austria
Structure of agricultural holdings 2016
Number of agriculture and forestry operations162.018
Number of main holdings57.531
Number of subsidiary holdings 89.782
Number of mountain farming operations 58.716
Gross Added Value Austrian agriculture at cost prices EUR 3.19 billion
Agriculture and forestry workforce404.734

Last update : 2021-10-25