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Around 480 businesses operate in the medical technologies sector in Austria. They generate an annual turnover of more than seven billion euros and form an important, internationally-aligned part of the Austrian economy. In addition to globally successful traditional enterprises, there are also notable start-ups, e.g. in the area of healthcare IT.

Medical technology appliances and associated technologies have always been an important part of the Austrian life science industry. The areas of activity of the sector are highly diverse: from blood glucose tests to wheelchairs, from CT scanners to syringes. On the international market, Austrian companies are represented with medical technology, pharmaceuticals, primary materials as well as engineering and services.

In a sector that is characterised by specialisation and innovation, customers from all over the world benefit from the know-how and the research structures of their Austrian partners. But Austrian companies are increasingly in demand for health services, whether for operations, rehabilitation or preventive medicine and wellness.

Special know-how

The electromechanical medical technology plays an outstanding role in the industry. Its providers also include companies that concentrate on ECG or EEG measuring devices. Many medical technology companies have specialised in the development and supply of software for medicine, telemedicine and e-health. The companies' products include, for instance, software solutions that make it possible for hospital staff to localise and monitor patients in real time, such as emergency and protection systems for disoriented patients.

Austrian scientists and industries are at the forefront particularly with current developments in ultrasound and magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). They develop IT-assisted clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions as well as systems that are used to record and process images in hospitals and health facilities.

Expertise in medical solutions

One of the leading providers of medical technology solutions and services in Austria combines expertise in diagnostics imaging systems, pharmaceutical research and development under one roof.

A technologically leading company in the field of implantable hearing solutions is domiciled in Austria. With 30 years of focused research, the company is at the forefront when it comes to extending the technical and scientific bases in the field of hearing implants.

The global market leader for microstructured polymer chips has a certified production site in Austria and covers the entire value chain, from development and production to quality assurance and logistics. In the process, all regulatory requirements of the target markets are met.

An Austrian high-tech company is one of the leading participants in the global market in the areas of security technology and communication for hospitals and nursing homes. It develops, produces and markets, among others, nurse call systems that make everyday working life easier for nursing staff in hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly and give patients the certainty that they can call for help at any time. The international networking is guaranteed by subsidiaries in Poland, Sweden and Hungary as well as through representations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.

An innovative Austrian company with a long tradition develops customised transport solutions for blood samples, medication and much more and thus contributes to ensuring optimum patient care. Nurses' stations, laboratories and pharmacies benefit from the reduction in manual routine work, the seamless traceability of consignments and the avoidance of sources of error. Direct connections to pharmacy robots and laboratory stations ensure more time, safety and quality in patient care.

For more than 145 years, an Austrian company has been developing, building and optimising ambulances. Every year, more than 1,000 vehicles are produced and delivered. This supplier has branches in Germany, Slovakia and Romania. It also has a global network of sales partners.


As interdisciplinary material, the health business of today incorporates numerous other economic areas of activity alongside activities that are directly patient-oriented. In light of the demographic change, the asset "health" is becoming ever more important; markets and sectors are fundamentally changing. Innovative medical products that guarantee optimum care of patients at home and enhance the quality of life of the people affected are in demand.

Digitalisation is an important driving force for technology innovations in the field of networked and mobile health care. Connected Healthcare provides new incentives and solutions that will turn tomorrow's medical care on its head. Health could be the trigger for the greatest innovation and technology push of the future.