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What can we expect from Australia's re-opening?

Australia then and now? How much has COVID changed Australia and what can you expect from the "new" Australia, which is rapidly reopening?


These questions will be answered by the Australian ambassador in Vienna, the chief economist of the Australian Minerals council, the Austrian economic delegate in Sydney and experts from the areas of HR / visa / immigration, supply chain & logistics and management.

In the almost two years since the borders were closed, Australia has experienced massive changes in COVID policy. Also in the energy sector, an Australian energy transition has started, which not only has the potential to consolidate Australia's position as one of the world's leading energy exporters for generations, but also to trigger a green industrial revolution. The latter also fits in well with the very current considerations regarding security of supply and independence in critical areas.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch via sydney@advantageaustria.org

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