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Here are a few facts and figures about the Austrian food/soft drinks industry.
  • 8.3

    billion euros in annual production

    In 2017, the Austrian food industry generated a production value of EUR 8.3 billion.

  • 26,000


    Around 26,000 people work in the Austrian food industry.

  • 1.23

    billion euros in exported dairy products

    In 2018, Austrian exported dairy products worth EUR 1.23 billion.

  • 754


    The Austrian food industry (industry and trade) had 754 enterprises in 2016.

Source: Statistics Austria, Association of the Austrian Food and Beverage Industry 
The Austrian Food and Agriculture Industry 2016                                                                 
Production ValueEUR 13.5 bn
Production plants:754
Source: Statistics Austria, Association of the Food Industry
Austrian food industry in 2017                                                      
Number of food sectors 30
Annual production value EUR 8.3 billion
Number of enterprises approx. 200
Number of export countries approx.180
Employees approx. 26,000
Source: AgrarMarkt Austria (AMA)
Example of the dairy industry
Number of dairies and cheese-making facilities (2017) 86
Exports (2018) EUR 1.23 billion
Source: Statistics Austria, Trade Association of the Austrian Food and Beverage Industry 
Austrian Foreign Trade with Food Produce                                                                                          
YearExportsImportsBalance of Trade
2014EUR 5.57 bnEUR 4.89 bn+ EUR 0.67 bn
2015EUR 5.97 bnEUR 5.05 bn+ EUR 0.93 bn
2016EUR 6.19 bnEUR 5.17 bn+ EUR1.02 bn
Source: Trend Top 500
The ten largest companies of the Austrian food/soft drinks sector by net revenue in Mio. Euro (2018)
1. Red Bull GmbH 5.540,80
2. Agrana Beteiligungs-AG 2.443,00
3. Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co. OG 981,00
4. Marcher 482,00
5. Mars Austria OG 400,00
6. Norbert Marcher GmbH 399,00
7. Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH 375,00
8. Nestlé Österreich GmbH 360,00
9. NÖM AG 344,64
10. Hubers Landhendl GmbH 287,62