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Austria exports food and soft drinks to 180 countries. One in six jobs is dependent on the sector. Specialised products include cheeses, jams, cured meat products, chocolate confectionery, fruit juices and ice teas. Little known, the world’s largest energy drinks producer is Austrian! Food and Soft Drinks from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Facts and figures - Food / Soft Drinks

  • 8.3

    billion euros in annual production

  • 26,000


  • 1.23

    billion euros in exported dairy products

  • 754


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    The discovery of water revitalization by Johann Grander more than 30 years ago has now gone global. Original GRANDER<sup>®</sup>-Water Revitalization enhances the very special natural characteristics and strengths of water. Water that has ...

  • iSi GmbH

    Whether it is for cream, cocktails, finger food, soups, sauces, delicious desserts, refreshing soda water or nitro coffee and nitro tea - the iSi culinary system provides world-wide leading cooking concepts and solutions for all types of ...

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