Applied AI in Forestry, Timber and Wood Conference 2020

Global expertise from the forestry, timber and wood industries discussed Austrian and international innovations and exchanged experiences 

© Advantage Austria
© Advantage Austria

On 23 September, a worldwide audience assembled for a 9-hour virtual conference on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the forestry and timber industries.  Organised by Advantage Austria and AI Austria the event attracted 250 delegates from 40+ countries including experts from the forest technology, forest management, timber production, timber logistics and wood sectors. 

Keynotes and presentations included speakers from Stora Enso, Tesselo, Microsoft, Stihl and Timbeter.  Matt Lythe from Lynker Analytics joined the lineup to talk about the deforestation mapping work for the New Zealand government that has been led by Lynker Analytics this year.   

In his talk (starting here), Matt explained the design and implementation of the land cover AI system used to map land cover and replant status within forested areas that have been identified as having harvest activity between 2014 and 2018.