Woolworths partners with intralogistics expert KNAPP for first automated online fulfilment CENTRE

Using automation technology by KNAPP, Woolworths' online fulfilment centre will be able to fulfill over 50,000 online deliveries a week!

This is another in a growing list of Austrian expertise working with Australian thought-leaders to innovate and improve the Australian business and customer experience! 

KNAPP is one of the leading providers of all-in-one intralogistics solutions, automated storage systems and warehouse logistics software. Its storage technologies will be automating Woolworth’s fulfilment centre in western Sydney. The facility is scheduled to begin operating in 2024, and with the help of their technology, the Woolworths fulfilment centre will be able to fulfil over 50,000 deliveries a week.

WooliesX Managing Director, Amanda Bardwell said: “With KNAPP’s world-class automation, our team of personal shoppers will be able to pick many more orders – offering our customers faster delivery options and extra windows to choose from.”

Read more about this exciting new development in KNAPP's press release