Large Subsidy for Austrian Renewable Energy

300 million euros in subsidies available for renewable energy 

© Advantage Austria
© Advantage Austria

With this new subsidy budget, almost 300 million euros could now flow into the funding of small and medium-sized power plants, significantly more than in the review version. This would enable electricity production from renewable energy sources to the tune of around one Terawatt hour (TWh). The investment premiums now presented are one part. The second, still pending regulation, concerns the market premiums. This is being worked on at full speed and should be ready in the first half of the year. 

Austria wants to achieve 100 percent electricity from renewable energies by 2030, and is a forerunner in this field. The current 300 million euros triggered about 850 million euros in investments, an "enormous boost".

What is needed now is speed. Approval procedures need to be accelerated in order to be able to move forward with large-scale projects for the energy transition. 

The first call for photovoltaics started on April 21 with separate starting dates set for each technology.