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Austria has leading technologies and expertise, from waste management to renewable energy technology, to help your organisations move towards a circular economy and a more sustainable future. 


Austrian Climate Change action


From the 1st-12th of November, in Glasgow, Austria together with the European commission will be pursuing an ambitious climate change action plan.

Together with the UK, Austria is planning on launching a new mission for the Mission Innovation 2.0. The missions aim will be to ensure that by 2030, there are solutions available for the energy intensive industrial sector to decarbonise their operations. 

Mission Innovation 2.0

With the aim of further accelerating our progress towards net zero emissions, Mission Innovation 2.0 launched on June 2021 with three missions for the next decade. These missions are clean hydrogen, green powered future, and zero-emissions shipping. The UK together with Austria are looking to introduce an additional mission to decarbonise industry.

Austrian World Summit 2021

The Austrian World Summit has come and gone once again. Hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the event showcased climate change actions and solutions.


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