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Globalisation of world markets has led to transit trade, or merchant trading, playing an increasingly signifcant role. Here you can find out more about the competence of Austrian foreign traders.

Austrian trade companies have an enormous amount of know-how of world markets thanks to their decades of experience. They are therefore very helpful for developing business dealings in import and export. Merchant trading - the connection of two markets through an Austrian company - is becoming increasingly important.

The detailed knowledge of the Central and Eastern European markets is what makes Austrian traders particularly stand out. However, foreign trade companies are also represented in practically all world markets. High levels of flexibility, delivery of goods to any location and supply of relevant expertise have made Austrian foreign trade companies into reliable and sought-after partners.

Austrian foreign trade is already a real success story. In 2006 both imports and exports succeeded in breaking through the 100-billion euro barrier. One in three jobs is directly or indirectly dependent on foreign trade. The Federal Board of Foreign Trade values the contribution of foreign trading firms at 30% of total imports. The share by trade companies also accounts for 30% of total exports. The Federal Board of Foreign Trade also predicts growth in the near future, a large proportion of which will be generated by merchant trading.

According to estimates from the Federal Board of Foreign Trade, merchant trading accounts for 3 billion euros of Austria's value creation. The know-how of Austria's foreign trade companies has provided a solid foundation for Austria's export success in recent years.

Taking a new and sometimes difficult path is best done with an experienced partner by your side. When developing new export markets, partnership and cooperation with an Austrian foreign trade company is often the most economically sound alternative to individual direct market cultivation.

Cooperation with Austrian foreign trade companies offers numerous benefits both to national and international producers:
  • Minimising risk related to market entry and development
  • Getting cost-efficient benefits of years of trade expertise
  • Bridging the gap of distance and time differences
  • Exploiting the knowledge and services of financing strategies and logistics
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Author: Dr. Manfred Kandelhart
Source: Bundesgremium des Außenhandels