December 3, 2020 - Meet Austrian Fintech Innovators in Asia (virtual)

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ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong and Singapore together with Austria’s Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) are proud to present 8 Austrian FinTech Innovators looking for feedback on their products, services and express their interested in partnerships in Asia. They are currently participating in a virtual incubation programme to become acquainted to the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong and Singapore. The participants took part in the virtual HK Fintech Week and will be attending the Singapore Fintech Festival from December 7-11.


You can find a summary about the Austrian participants here . If you are interested in meeting any of them, please feel free to reach out to the respective innovator directly or contact us.


It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for a virtual Austrian FinTech Startup Night and we are pleased to hear your feedback on the 8 Austrian FinTech innovators pitching:


Austrian FinTech Startup Nite (Virtual)

WHEN:  Thursday, Dec. 3 from 5 – 7 PM (Hong Kong time)

WHERE: virtual - Zoom Link


17:00 Opening Remarks

Carina Margreiter, Program Manager of Global Incubator Network

Franz Roessler, Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong

David Bachmann, Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Singapore


17:15 Pitching Session  

All 8 of the Austrian FinTech companies have successfully commercialized their products in Europe and showcase and present their products in Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020 through our goHongKong&Sinpapore 2020 Digital program.

On 3rd Dec they will be presenting their innovation business to local investors and potential partners for the companies via Zoom! For more company information please find attached company introduction.


18:30 Mingle & Share

Now it’s time to get connected with the Austrian Startup Community: Exchange experiences, ask questions and discuss future opportunities.


What do you think, are they ready for Asia?


For Registration and contacts for the programme, please contact:


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong,                                             

Ms. Dorathy Lee,                                                                     

T +852 2522 2388,                                            



Contacts for the programme: 

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Singapore,                                              

Mr. Ramin Mousavi,                                                                  

T +65 6396 6350                                                                      



Global Incubator Network,                                                          

Ms. Carina Margreiter,                                                                

T +43 1 50175 259,                                     



Please let us know if you have any questions on the above and thanks once again for your kind support!


Meet 7 Austrian companies

    • Participating companies

  • 360kompany AG

    kompany is the leading RegTech platform for worldwide enterprise verification and business KYC (KYB).

  • ALVARIA FinTac GmbH

    ALVARIA FinTac provides web based automatic risk managment to protect indexed investments and other assets traded on global markets. ALVARIA FinTac focusses like no other asset managment system on the downside risks of share indices, bond futures, credit notes, FIAT and Crypto currencies and precious metals through ...

  • Blockpit AG

    Blockpit is a so-called RegTech company and has the vision to bring trust to distributed ledger systems (e.g. blockchains) by monitoring, analyzing and investigating cryptocurrency transactions. The focus is on compliance with anti-money laundering and tax regulations. The real-time monitoring platform provides a ...

  • BMCP Consulting GmbH

    Black Manta Capital Partners ® are a BaFin-licensed, MiFID II-compliant Financial Services Institution: a one-stop agency for all technical, financial, and legal aspects of Tokenization. With Security Tokens that grant equity, profit, and perspectively governance rights to investors, The partnership aims to set a ...

  • Findustrial GmbH

    Findustrial is an independent, global Fintech platform connecting industrial companies with financial institutions, investors and insurance companies to fund their industrial machinery and equipment projects based on their usage. Smart financing solutions based on Pay-per-Use business models provide an optimal ...

  • Segurio Online Insurance Services GmbH

    Segurio offers private insurance solutions for high value objects such as watches, jewelry or musical instruments. Everyone has their favourite object, which they need to insure. Whether it is a skateboard, a handbag, watch, heirloom, musical instrument or work of art - their favourite objects are as individual as ...

  • Web Value GmbH

    Valutico is a FinTech startup that has created a web-based valuation platform, providing the financial services industry with data-driven tools to conduct their analyses more efficiently. With a focus on providing a frictionless valuation experience, Web Value has already acquired more than 100 clients n the ...