New Partnerships in the making: Austria - Hong Kong/Greater Bay EdTech Exchange  

Austria and Hong Kong ideal test beds and gateways for educational technologies

August 30, 2021 marked the kick-off for a dialogue between Austria and Hong Kong in the area of educational technology (EdTech). ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong, EdTech Austria in partnership with InvestHK, Esperanza and Cyberport invited edtech innovators, investors and enablers from Austria and Hong Kong to learn from each other and to connect virtually.

Short summary of the exchange: Digital learning goes beyond the realm of schools – it also affects universities, businesses and adult education. People need to keep learning in the fast-paced 21st century and educational technologies can help them do this.  Both, Austria and Hong Kong, are ideal test beds and gateways for other markets and edtechs could start there first to gain insights and to experiment.  Watch the full recording: https://youtu.be/NFzzrCz1rvA and look out for further exchanges!

EdTech Austria:

Did you know that Europe’s first edtech unicorn is from Austria? GoStudent, the Vienna-based edtech scaleup, has recently completed recently a successful funding round and is now set to become Europe’s leading EdTech company. Austria is home to further 100  EdTech startups and some of them are ready to expand into new regions like Asia. EdTech Austria based in Salzburg is Austria’s newly formed umbrella organization and strives to make Austria a hotspot for digital education. EdTech Austria is building a strong network with various stakeholders and supporting the development, testing and applications of EdTech solutions. Members of EdTech Austria presenting at the Exchange included
Artivive: Augmented Reality kisses art into the modern age
Robo Wunderkind: If: Robo, then: Wunderkind – The formula for young robotics
MeetFox: Saves parents from queueing for consultation day
Further Austrian edtech providers are introduced at EdTech Austria’s blog.

EdTech Hong Kong:

InvestHK  and the NGO Esperanza and gave an overview about Hong Kong’s edtech sector and recommended Austrian edtechs to make use of Hong Kong to enter the whole Greater Bay Area including major cities in South China and Macao. International edtechs can apply by Sep.  7, 2021 to apply for the Edventure Global Business Accelerator Fellowship to build Asian connections offered by Esperanza and Cyberport. Hong Kong edtech innovators and connectors presenting at the Exchange included
AESIR: Games and interactive solutions for diverse groups of people with special needs using augmented-reality and virtual reality technologies
Cataliize: Representing an international group of over 180 people in 36 cities who help entrepreneurs take their ventures to the world
Mandarin Matrix:  Helping Children Learn Mandarin
Supercharger Ventures: Cross-border EdTech accelerator and investors
Xccelerate:   Learn in-demand tech skills that boost your professional life.