Austrian Invention Adopted as New Chinese Standard for Cement Packaging

The Austrian engineering company Starlinger & Co. GmbH invented an unique type of bag for cement packaging 25 years ago. Now it becomes one of the three bag types permitted in the new Chinese standard “Sacks for Packaging Cement”. 


Discover the idea behind the environment-friendly AD*STAR® bag!

Combining the advantages of a paper bag, a PE film bag and a woven PP bag, an AD*STAR® bag is well-known for its suitability for automatic handling, tightness and flexibility, as well as strength and resistance in brick shape. Thanks to its low breakage rate and excellent protection against moisture, which is ideal for long-distance transport particularly in China, not only environmental pollution is reduced, but also less cement needs to be produced to replace the losses in the logistic chain, which saves CO2 emissions and has lower global warming potential.

With the AD*STAR® bag, Starlinger created a sustainable and efficient packaging solution for cement and all kinds of dry bulk goods. Moreover, investments in research and development keep Starlinger’s products and technology continuously improved and adapted to the needs of the market.


The multinational company expands in China 

Currently, the conversion lines are high in demand in China due to the transition requirements to the new standard. The company plans to deliver and install for an additional production capacity of more than 2 billion AD*STAR bags on the Chinese market in the next two years.

Additionally, around 15.7 billion AD*STAR sacks are produced each year on more than 550 Starlinger conversion lines installed worldwide.

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