EU and Hong Kong: The Green Way

Europe and Hong Kong moving closer to achieve climate neutrality 


The “EU and Hong Kong: The Green Way”  Green Forum presented on September 16, 2021 in Hong Kong an unique opportunity to discuss ways how Europe and Hong Kong could work together to fight climate change. Government officials, business executives and industry experts in the sustainability landscape gathered to exchange ideas and explore common grounds in coping with our shared challenge of climate change. The importance Hong Kong places to become climate neutral and to cooperate with European governments and business, was underlined by Chief Executive Carrie LAM, Secretary for the Environment Kam-sing WONG, Secretary for Financial Services Christopher HUI and the Convenor of the Non-official Members of the European Council CHAN all delivering remarks and many business leaders from Hong Kong and Europe on panels and in the audience.

The EU Delegation in Hong Kong and The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong together with the Business Environment Council, Invest Hong Kong and other partners provided a forum to address climate change from different ankles. In Hong Kong especially pollution coming from electricity generation, transportation and the waste sector will have to be reduced in order for Hong Kong to become climate neural by the year 2050. Green financing can steer business into the right direction. There is lots of potential for Europe and Hong Kong to work together in carbon emission reduction. European technologies and expertise and its green finance sector could be major contributor in the transformation. Further details about the event see also press release.

Also Austrian experts and tech providers would like to contribute their expertise and technologies to make Hong Kong a more livable and sustainable city to live and work and to fulfil the visions laid out in the “Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2030+” and long term city planning visions. At a virtual edition of the “Austrian – Hong Kong Technology Days” from May 25 – 27, 2021, leading smart city and urban tech experts and providers participated at three webinars co-hosted by Hong Kong  partner organizations to discuss Austrian and Hong Kong’s urban challenges and how innovation and technology could be embraced in the fields of mobility, construction and in the water sector.