Austrian Business and Provinces in the Spotlight: 2022 Yearbook “World Champion Austria”

Online and print edition with timely updates on Austrian business, innovators, and provinces


The global economy and also Austrian business was severely affected by the global pandemic. It is however now time to look ahead and be optimistic. In the printed and online publication of the 2022 Yearbook of “World Champion Austria”, the publishers document how Austrian business and politics places importance on innovation and sustainability to come out strengthened after the crisis.

Readers are invited to join a tour of Austria’s economy and region. Meet some of Austria’s tech champions that offer their products and services world-wide. Get detailed info on Austria’s provinces and their strengths. You will see Austria from a new angle and will be encouraged to visit and to find business partners there or to invest in the middle of Europe.

To browse the 2022 Yearbook “World Champion Austria” go to https://issuu.com/www.medianet.at/docs/worldchampion_austria_2022_web.