Build in Wood

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Austrian speakers and exhibitors at Denmark’s Conference on Wood Construction and Architecture

The interest in the use of timber in construction projects has grown rapidly – Also in countries not traditionally known for building with the material, like Denmark. On May 22nd and 23rd, Copenhagen will be hosting Denmark’s biggest event on wood construction, focusing on challenges and opportunities of building with wood.

Austria has a long tradition and substantial know-how in the area of wood construction in general and Cross-laminated timber (CLT) in particular. Decades of research and development at the Graz University of Technology, an international focus of Austria’s CLT manufacturers and the worldwide race for the highest timber towers have all contributed to the rise of CLT in the mainstream. With 84 meters and 24-storeys, Vienna currently hosts the world’s highest tallest timber building, the 'HoHo' tower.

The Build in Wood Conference is a great opportunity to meet Austrian speakers and companies who will share insights into their projects and their expertise.  Get inspired, meet experts and find out more about Austrian competence in Wood Construction and Architecture. Come meet us at the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA table and learn more about our activities in the area including our Wood Construction Fact Finding Tour to Vorarlberg in October.