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World champions in hydroelectric power, European champions in renewable energy, a significant energy transit country for East and West: Austria’s energy industry brings out the best of the country’s special situation and geography, and is developing internationally-renowned expertise in doing so.

Austrian companies in the energy industry deal with power generation and supply, operate power plants and storage systems. The industry also includes IT-based electricity supply, Smart Metering, the production of control instruments and control technology and pipeline construction. Austrian companies also have expertise in petroleum and natural gas production and distributions, with renewable energy carriers, above all hydro power, and in turbine and plant construction. The country does not produce any nuclear power. 

Austria has an important role as a transit country in international energy trading within Europe. A large percentage of imports in Western Europe from the Near East, the deposits in the Caucasus region and the deposits in Russia cross Austria, in particular through the Transalpine pipeline.

Strength from geography and tradition

Austria's energy industry uses the geographical strengths of the country, makes the best possible use of the existing resources and develops this know-how further for international applications.

Austria has its own petroleum and natural gas deposits whose production has a long tradition. The Austrian companies are highly specialised and are in demand as partners of the international energy industry. 

Renewable energy

Renewable energy carriers are becoming ever more important in the supply of energy. Political will, strict laws and a high use of R&D correspond to this trend. This results in great know-how and excellent expertise in renewable energy in Austria. In an EU comparison, Austria ranks first in the share of renewable energies in electricity generation and based on the country's surface area. One success of the efforts in this area is the decline in greenhouse gas emissions.

Petrochemicals with responsibility

One of the largest industrial companies in Austria listed on the stock exchange produces and markets oil and gas and offers innovative energy solutions and high-quality petrochemical products in a responsible manner. With an annual refinery capacity of 17.8 million tonnes and with around 3,800 filling stations in 10 countries, this company is setting a clear signal for the international expertise of the Austrian oil and gas industry. 

Innovation in the area of natural gas

A particular Austrian innovation is the development of a technology that facilitates the artificial production of gas from wind and sun. With underground sun conversion, it is to be possible for the first time to "produce" natural gas in a natural gas reservoir through a specifically initiated microbiological process in a natural way and to store it there straight away. The natural development process of natural gas is replicated with this globally unique method.

Hydro power expertise

When it comes to hydro power, Austria is an exemplary country. Turbines and generators from Austrian production regularly set records when it comes to size and performance. An Austrian company with more than 70 years of experience is one of the world's largest providers in hydraulic power generation. Turbines for power plants in Switzerland, South Korea or Pakistan that these companies supply are the largest and most efficient in the world.

Specialist know-how

A specialist for gas motor technology with more than 1,700 employees worldwide and a manufacturer of non-magnetic drill string components for directional drilling technology and other highly precise components for oil and gas production are just two examples of the specialist knowledge of Austrian companies of the energy industry that is used all over the world.


In the energy industry, there is a discernible trend towards Big Data, Smart Meters and virtual power plants, the merger of decentralised energy providers who want to sell their energy together. 

An important issue in the future is that of grid safety, storage of electrical energy and the compensation of fluctuations in the production of renewable energies. Austrian companies are active successfully in these areas too and offer solutions that attract international attention.

Last update : 24. April 2023