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When a pair of skis is produced anywhere in the world, the expertise of the Austrian metal industry is behind it, because a company from Austria is the sole supplier of machinery for ski production around the world. Products from the Austrian metal industry, be it machines, seamless steel pipes or aluminium rolled products, are in demand all over the world. Given that businesses in the sector invest heavily in research and technology, the Austrian metal industry is clean, modern, energy-efficient and state-of-the-art – both in additive manufacturing processes and the digitalisation of factories.

Rails, aluminium rolling products for the automotive industry, products for the construction industry as well as household products and packaging materials made of metal are produced in Austria. The areas of the industry are

  • Steel pipes, bright steel, cold profiles
  • Wire products, chains and springs, screws and rivets
  • Metal constructions and development elements made of metal
  • Forged, stamped, drawn, pressed parts and powder metallurgy
  • Surface treatment and heat treatment, mechanics
  • Implements and cutlery
  • Locks and fittings from base metals
  • Packaging and closures made of metal
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Fittings, bearings, gears, cogs and drive elements
  • Machines and systems for metal production and processing
  • Rolling mills and casting machines

The Austrian metal industry is a quality-conscious and research-intensive sector that manufactures products of the highest state of the art for markets all around the world. For instance, there is a globally leading technology and industrial goods group with materials and processing expertise in Austria. With its product and system solutions made of steel and other metals it is one of the sought-after partners of the European automotive and household appliance industry as well as of the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Also in the development and production of metal-processing machines and systems, many Austrian companies are among the global market leaders in their segment and export state-of-the-art systems:

  • Tool machines for metal processing 
  • Machines for metal production and metal processing
  • Machines and systems for rolling mills and casting plants

Examples of Austrian metal expertise

The largest Austrian aluminium corporation is a flexible specialist with bundled expertise from casting to innovative rolling technology and high-quality materials to recycling. 

An Austrian company became the market leader in many countries of Europe with international branded products made of copper and copper alloys such as pipes, rods, wires and profiles. 

An Austrian company, specialised in the production of functional fittings for furniture, particularly for kitchens, is the global market leader in the quality segment.

Metal and people

The quality guarantee also includes the investment in the training of the specialists. A special characteristic of Austria is the dual training system; in addition, the HTLs (technical colleges), a unique type of school, are considered the "technical backbone" of Austria. In addition to the technical universities, more than 50 non-university research facilities in Austria are cooperation partners of the companies. International researcher teams develop innovative solutions and ensure a decisive competitive advantage. The 130,000 or so employees in the Austrian metal technology industry safeguard the high quality of the products and services.