Circular Design - Workshop with the Danish Design Center

  • Copenhagen
Processes, strategies, concepts and best practices in the field of Circular Design

Denmark is known for its pioneering role in design and sustainability. The term "design" goes far beyond the classic understanding of interior design and architecture: The country’s great design expertise is also used to design solutions that integrate the usability of a product or the circularity of a service in the design phase (circular design). The Danish Design Center counts as a center of excellence to enable innovation and transformation towards the circular economy - in close cooperation with public organizations and industry. Through workshops, events and networks, it not only supports large companies, but also SMEs in creating added value and resource efficiency through circular design processes. 

From 17th to 18th June 2020, Austrian companies will get the opportunity to participate in a workshop with the Danish Design Center. They will get the chance to work with service design tools such as ecosystem mapping, discuss circular value chains and identify circular value propositions for their own benefit. Furthermore, they will work with approaches and methods of how products, services and value chains can be designed in a circular manner. This ensures that companies obtain the tools and knowledge to anchor service design tools in their own companies and develop tomorrow's solutions already today.

The program also contains “co-coaching” sessions - meetings and discussions with pioneers from the Danish company landscape. These experts present their strategies, product and process innovations in the sense of circular value creation and explain the importance of circular design.