Where to find the best Austrian wine list in Denmark in 2022 

The Star Wine List holds both an international and a national competition every year. Normally, one would expect that a nominated winemaker at the international level would win the national competition too. Not in Denmark, though! Denmark has a great variety of exceptional restaurants with excellent wine lists to offer – and Admiralgade 26 outpaced the international winner Geranium in the national competition. It truly was a neck-and-neck race!


The victorious restaurant Admiralgade 26 focuses on local cuisine and regional products - creating excellent, and exciting dishes. In terms of wine selection, the restaurant places an emphasis on Europe, with a particularly large number of wines from Austria and France. In line with the Scandinavian credo of mutual support one can check out the local suppliers of the restaurant and the wine store as well (see link below). The restaurant is complemented by the wine store and bar Ved Stranden 10. The wine store was established in 2009, the restaurant followed in the summer of 2016. The historic house dates back to 1796 and is located in Copenhagen's charming city centre. Together, Admiralgade 26 and Ved Stranden 10 tell a tale of two duck alter egos. The ducks aim to liven up home life with wine, food, stories, and other necessities. If you had to describe Admiralgade 26 in three words, you might choose young, lively, and unexpected. Upon entering the restaurant, one notices the love to detail immediately. The whole concept of the restaurant is purposeful. The restaurant is bright, cosy and invites one to linger. The team is very welcoming, and there are probably not many places where one can taste as many wines as here. Christian Nedergaard, who owns the restaurant together with Sebastian Nellemann (founder and owner of Austrian Wine in Copenhagen), is always eager to present, pour, and serve some of the 4.000 wines their wine cellar houses. Arvid Rosengren describes the restaurant in fitting words: "Admiralgade 26 brings passion and knowledge to a part of the wine list that can offer so much pleasure and excitement but is often overlooked." The wine list has a very original layout and structure that makes one curious about what's next to come. It is structured like an opera song, with the headline you know what to expect, yet you are surprised at the end.