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ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Copenhagen is the official representative for Austrian business entities in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Our primary mission is to establish b2b links between Austrian exporters and Danish companies. Thus we provide assistance in promoting business and trade between Austria and Denmark.

Questions in regard to Austrian companies or doing business with Austria? Please contact us.

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Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Our team in Copenhagen

Servicecenter Team
  • Cosima Steiner
    Commercial Counsellor

Cosima was born and raised in Vienna, but has spent most of her working life outside of Austria. Her postings in Toronto, Warsaw and London saw her promoting Austrian companies and their products and services in places ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Masurian Lakes and the Scottish Highlands.

After a stint at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA’s HQ, where she was responsible for implementing the SURPRISINGLY INGENIOUS branding strategy, Cosima has been happily Copenhagenized (bicycle and basket included) since her start at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Copenhagen in July 2014.

Cosima holds a Master’s Degree in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Vienna and a Master of Science Degree in Renewable Energies from the Vienna University of Technology.

She has a passion for sports and the outdoors and is an enthusiastic rock climber, who - in lack of “real rock” possibilities nearby - regularly enjoys “climbing on plastic” in one of Copenhagen’s indoor climbing gyms.
  • Anne Panjwani
    Project Manager - market field research

Anne was born in Copenhagen, but has spent most of her life living and working abroad, in Germany, France and Italy. This has allowed her to become fluent in five languages and be able to understand and interact with different cultures.

Before joining the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Team, she worked in the Italian health care sector for a private company, where her role encompassed management strategies, administration and marketing. 

Anne loves the Danish sea and nature at all times of year, but when the weather is too bad, she is often to be found at the theatre or at concerts. She also enjoys doing Pilates, travelling and spending quality time with family and friends in Copenhagen and across the world.

  • Christoph Simetzberger
    Project Manager - market field research

Christoph Simetzberger was born in Tirol where he spent his childhood mostly on skis and in mountain-boots. After many summers and winters at his grandma´s bed and breakfast hotel in St. Anton he graduated at the Tourism College in Innsbruck and worked in tourism in France and Italy before he won an audition at a radio station and became a radio presenter and showmaster. There he met his beautiful wife, a Danish Volleyball professional who had a contract in Austria. Christoph followed his heart and his girlfriend to live “a period” in Denmark. The period has now lasted for the last many years and Christoph loves Danish hygge and lifestyle. Before joining the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Team, Christoph worked for Mystery Makers, a Danish Event Company with a branch in Vienna. Having an Austrian background and working to connect Austrian and Danish business is a wonderful challenge.
  • Iris Christiansen
    Project Manager - market field research

Is originally from Southern Denmark, but lived more than 25 years in Hamburg, Germany, where she worked as a PA and Event Manager for several large companies. She returned to Copenhagen in 2015 and started studying at the University of Copenhagen. She now holds a Masters Degree in German Language and Culture with focus on intercultural communication. Besides working at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA she is an external lector at the University of Copenhagen teaching Consumer Communication and Intercultural Marketing.

Iris is a culture and gastronomy lover. She enjoys travelling, theatres, museums and concerts. On her activity schedule, she has yoga, golf and taking an early morning dive into the Øresund.

  • Johannes Gut
    Project Manager- market field research

Johannes holds a M.Sc. degree in Management of Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School after having finished his B.Sc. at Vienna University of Economics in Austria.

Johannes is responsible for the sector food and beverages as well as for robotics and automation. In addition, economic questions and statistics belong to his area of expertise.

As a native Austrian living in Copenhagen for more than four years, Johannes has a good understanding of the Danish and Austrian market and in addition always an eye open for innovative projects and trends.  

Before joining the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Team, Johannes worked for the Austrian Embassy in Copenhagen.

Johannes spends his spare time with family and friends, enjoys running, hiking or travelling. 

  • Marlies Koppelhuber (on maternity leave)
    Project Manager - market field research

Marlies holds a MSc. degree in Business Administration from the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. After finishing her studies, she moved to Copenhagen and worked in the Danish department of a German engineering company which is specialized in intralogistics systems and lifting equipment.

She has lived and worked in Denmark for almost 5 years and is familiar with the Danish way of doing business.  She likes to spend her spare time with her boyfriend and their little son, fitness, running and Yoga as well as cross country skiing when she is at home in the Austrian alps. She also enjoys reading and a cup of coffee on either her own terrace, but also in one of the nice and “hyggelig” coffee bars in Copenhagen.

  • Rikke Berg
    Project Manager - market field research

Rikke was born and raised in Copenhagen where she has spent most of her childhood close to the beach and the beautiful Øresund. Rikke holds a Master’s Degree in International Business Communication from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

As part of her studies, Rikke spent a few months in Malaga, Spain, but after finishing her studies at CBS, she moved to Linz, Upper Austria, where she worked as Marketing Manager for the Austrian start-up company, Tractive. After 4 years in Austria, she returned to Copenhagen and finished a Coaching education, while working as Sports Coordinator for the Judo Copenhagen Elite Team.

Rikke has a passion for sports and is a former professional judo athlete, travelling the world with the Danish National Team. She is now mother of two Danish-Austrian boys and has therefore changed her “athlete card” to a “coach card”. However, she is still very active and can often be found on the start line at Obstacle Course Races, Half-Marathons or any other kind of race. 

  • Tamara Lang (on maternity leave)
    Project Manager - market field research

Tamara holds a Master of Science Degree in European Affairs from Lund University/Sweden. Before joining the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Team, she worked at a Danish consultancy and for an international markt research company.

Tamara is originally from Salzburg, but has lived in Copenhagen long enough to embrace both the local bicycle and hygge culture. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her little daughter and boyfriend, as well as reading, swimming and cooking.