Communication technology  "Made in Austria" 

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Make your voice heard - save and fast communication technology "Made in Austria"
Voice communication is a classic yet essential part of maritime communication. The Austrian company Frequentis combines wellknown techniques and procedures with state of the art technology (e.g. VoIP) to deliver the most modern and resilient maritime communication systems for safety and security related environments, such as Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC), Vessel Traffic Centres (VTS) and Vessel Traffic and Management Information Services (VTMIS). The latest fine example of Frequentis technology is installed at the MRCC facility in Torshavn on the Faroe Islands.

Frequentis supplied a GMDSS voice communication system for the MRCC Torshavn and an integrated coastal radio system for Torshavn Radio. The Frequentis MCS 3020 systems cover all kinds of VHF, MF and DSC communication. The Faroe Islands are a very important outpost along the Gulf stream in the north Atlantic region. International fishery fleets and the important seaway to Scandinavia and Russia are covered by the MRCC and Radio Torshavn.

The company's core business is civil air traffic management, where its voice communication systems brought Frequentis to the position as a world market leader for air traffic control. The same qualities that drive this success allow Frequentis to offer communication and information systems to other customers in defence, public safety, public transportand maritime markets.

Examples include deployable communication systems for military operations, command and control centre technologies for the emergency services, "tracking & tracing" systems for shipping authorities and GSM-R fixed terminal systems for national railways. More about Frequentis at http://www.frequentis.com.