Webinar "Nearshoring Options in the Baltics and Ukraine"

On the 4th of March our ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Kiev organised a webinar about nearshoring options in the Baltics and Ukraine.

© Advantage Austria Riga
© Advantage Austria Riga
The webinar was targeted at the Austrian companies looking to invest in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. We had 6 great speakers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine and short market overviews were given also by the Austrian commercial counsellors in Riga and Kiev. A big thanks to all the participants and speakers! From the Estonian side we had two great presentations from Anti Orav (Pipelife Eesti AS) and Vahur Lepik (EAS - Enterprise Estonia) who gave such interesting insights and facts about why you should bring your business to Estonia. Take a look at the webinar and presentation materials under "Links".