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This sector combines the skills of network operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers. Eight out of ten Smartphone manufacturers use components developed in Austria! Businesses are forging the way ahead with, for example, 5G development, NFC chips and what is, most probably, the smallest speaker in the world. Telecommunication from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Facts and figures - Telecommunication 

  • 92.4% 

    export percentage        

  • 17.2

    million SIM cards

  • 1.6

    billion GB of mobile data per year

  • 316


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Austrian Companies

  • CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International GmbH

    Cybertec was founded in 2000 and is an IT service provider specializing in PostgreSQL database services. - Consulting - Project planning and processing - Setup, replication, scaling, optimization - Programming of software and ...

  • ICSL Consulting for Information-Technology and Telecommunications GmbH

    ICSL, founded in 1995, offered for the first time in 2001 solutions for secure voice data communication. Latest solutions offer excellent quality, ease of use, run on modern smartphones and are all approved for use with government ...

  • NTS Retail KG

    NTS Retail creates agile commerce software for telecom operators. NTS Retail helps clients reinvent the retail environment in order to: • enable true customer-centricity • boost sales performance • minimize operational costs Leading ...

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