Opening hours

Mo.-Fr. 8.00 - 16.00 (visits please arrange in advance)

Our services

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Commercial Office Vilnius provides assistance to Austrian companies in promoting trade with their Lithuanian business partners. We are one of more than one hundred Advantage Austria offices of the Austrian Foreign Trade Organisation worldwide, which belongs to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. With 340.000 member companies the Chamber is both a powerful and effective voice for Austrian business in the political and social arena and a provider of knowledge, advice and practical support tailored to the needs of individual companies. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA helps for Austrian companies to find new contacts and to strengthen existing business connections, provides Austrian exporters with market information, business contacts and consultancy services. Whether you are looking for suppliers or for a suitable business location in Austria or simply for an overview of Austria's internationally recognized products and services, we are pleased to provide you with fast, accurate and reliable information.

Fields of our activities:

  • dealing with inquiries concerning supplies from and to Austria
  • putting sellers in contact with pontential buyers or vice vers
  • organizing trade missions, workshops and participations in international trade fair
  • promoting for Austrian products
  • collecting of business information about the local market
  • publishing of foreign trade newsletters and related brochures to promote foreign trade opportunities for Austrian companies.


Servicecenter Team
  • Dr. Ingrid Valentini-Wanka

Austrian Commercial Counsellour for Baltic States