11 Austrian Designs win Worldstar Packaging Awards

This year, eleven Austrian designs were honoured at the Worldstar Packaging Awards for their ingenuity and packaging design

Since 1970, the World Packaging Organisation has been giving out WorldStar awards for impressive designs from all around the world. The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and is the pre-eminent global award in packaging. 

This year the Worldstar Global Packaging Awards displayed 11 winning Austrian designs:

Cardboard-Plastic Packaging with 50% Post-consumer Recycled PP
Greiner Packaging’s Cardboard-plastic combination packaging for Henkel’s Persil 4in1 DISCS detergent contains 55% post-consumer Recycled PP.

Coca-Cola “90 Jahre Miteinand” Reisenrad Display
For their 90th anniversary in Austria, Coca-Cola designed displays for each federal state in Austria. 

Cuckoo Ice Cream
Cardbox Packaging Wolfsberg GmbH has developed a sundae cup made from bio-coated carton board. Meaning that the entire container is compostable.

Fully recyclable mono-material film for thermoforming applications
Mondi has developed a new mono-material film. This film is fully recyclable and provides an effective barrier to protect food products and extend shelf life.

Juice Dispenser
This drink packaging by Rondo Ganahl is an innovative design. A two-part bag-in-box with the outer packaging acting as the base to form a juice dispenser.

Just>In® Recycling Box
The Just>In® Recycling Box is a Cardboard Bin, designed by Dunapack Packaging-Mosburger Wien, as part of a service for used paper towel recycling. 

MonoFlow (re)
MonoFlow (re) is a fully recyclable mono-PP flow wrap, which enables savings of up to 70% on plastics. 

Mondi has also developed a thermoformable, paper-based packaging for food trays. This packaging reduces plastic usage and is already in use by REWE.

Through new technology, Teufelberger is able to manufacture its 5mm white PP-straps with 19% less raw materials.

The Blue Tube Evo Lightweight
TUBEX has been manufacturing aluminium tubes for more than 70 years. The Blue Tube Evo Lightweight is made from 95% post-consumer Recycled aluminium and 5% post-industrial, making it the first aluminium tube to bring post-consumer waste back into tube production.

Transport box for 12 door hinges
DS Smith Packaging Austria has designed a cardboard package plus inserts for 12 door hinges. This was made with the requirement that none of the hinges touch within the packaging.

We applaud the amazing designers that were honoured by this award. If you have gotten curious and would like to get in touch with any of these Austrian companies, reach out to them directly or contact us at sydney@advantageaustria.org so we can help you find the right point of contact.