Austrian World Summit 2022 – Creating Hope, Inspiring Action

Arnold Schwarzenegger welcomed inspiring climate action heroes from all around the world for exciting panels on topics like digitalisation, climate communication and many more.

©  Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative
© Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

The date of the sixth Austrian World Summit marked the anniversary of a historic day: 30 years earlier, 154 states agreed upon an international environmental treaty to combat "dangerous human interference with the climate system" at the so called “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA was once again a proud partner of this top-level event.


Right at the beginning, the host Arnold Schwarzenegger called for an end for the search for fossil fuels and for corresponding change in society.


We looked back to learn from the past, but the summit presented how to move forward enthusiastically: the conference gathered speakers and guests from all around the world to share different and innovative approaches for a greener, better and peaceful future. Topics such as the transformation of the industry, digitalisation, successful climate communication and a climate-friendly food production and agriculture were the focus this year.


The panel sessions were characterised by the necessary cooperation at all levels - from politics to business to civil society. We all need to work together to combat climate change and pollution.


We are looking forward to another exciting summit in 2023!