2022 China (Nanjing) International E-commerce Industry Expo

Opportunity for Austrian companies to expand their presence on the Chinese market through e-commerce


2022 China (Nanjing) International E-commerce Industry Expo (CIEIE), which is hosted by CCPIT Commercial Sub-council, is going to be held from September 22 to 24 in Nanjing International Expo Center. Austrian companies will have the opportunity to present their products and to seek potential business partners in cross-border e-commerce. 


CCPIT Commercial Sub-council offers places for 10 Austrian enterprises (local enterprises in Austria or their subsidiaries in China) to attend the expo as exhibitors for free, with a 9-square meter booth per participating company. The organizer will set up an independent “Country Hall” for enterprises. The aim of this event is to help foreign companies to open up the Chinese market or to expand their current China activities through e-commerce. This event aims to build a communication platform integrating exporting producers, brand merchants, e-commerce platforms, service providers and other market participants. 

Target groups are enterprises from the following branches: 

  • Smart technology
  • Elite life
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • Daily Provisions
  • Food
  • Maternal & Infant
  • Office Equipment & Consumables
  • Cross-border and Domestic E-commerce Platform Exhibition Area
  • Service Provider Exhibition Area
  • Maker Area 

If you are interested, please contact ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Shanghai at shanghai@advantageaustria.org for further details.