Austria at Sustainable Business Forum Rethink HK 2021

Austrian companies ready to apply proven green tech solutions in Asia

120+ change-making sessions, new solutions and innovations and a bigger ambition to accelerate change: The ReThink HK 2021 Sustainable Business Forum & Solutions Expo on October 5th  and 6th, 2021 in Hong Kong aimed at inspiring changes to make businesses, organisations and all of Hong Kong more sustainable. Also, Austrian and European business representatives participated and would like to provide their expertise to Asian partners.

Among the exhibitors was Rubner Holzbau striving to raise awareness for wood as a construction material.  Grander Water Solutions offers households and industry clean, revitalized water solutions. Another exhibitor, ASB-Biodiesel plant in Hong Kong already uses Austrian BDI expertise to transfer waste oil into energy. The European Union Office to Hong Kong reaffirmed its commitment, also on behalf of Austria, to build closer ties with Hong Kong stakeholders for a European – Hong Kong sustainability dialogue.