Facts and Figures

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Austria is a profitable location - especially for international investors. Convince yourself: here are the most important facts and figures.

Austria ranks among the most highly globalized countries in the world. This is the conclusion of the KOF Index of Globalization 2018 compiled by the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. The annual index measures the economic, social and political dimensions of globalization in 185 countries. Austria rates an impressive fifth behind Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.

Central location
Austria enjoys an international reputation as the top business location for building up business ties to South East and Eastern Europe. More than 1,000 global companies take advantage of business-friendly conditions in Austria and coordinate their operations in South East and Eastern Europe from Austria.

Tax Advantages

Corporations only pay a 25% corporate tax. Additional benefits are the attractive group taxation system and the lack of wealth and trade taxes.

Attractive tax breaks like the research premium of 14% or funds provided by the Research Promotion Ageny (Forschungsförderungsfonds, FFG) are only some examples for investment incentives.

International R&D facilities
Research and Development – a glimpse into the future. Hear more in an audio stream:Research and Development (MP3, 0.9MB) .

About 2,800 technologically oriented research and development institutes and 60 Centers of Excellence (global leaders in their field) combine the interests of economy with the know-how of science.
What do international companies say about their experiences with the research location Austria

The level of industrial productivity in Austria is traditionally high. In recent years, Austrian industry has achieved disproportionately high growth in productivity, more than compensating for the rise in labor costs. This development can be mainly attributed to the highly motivated and qualified employees.

Qualified staff
A major strength of the business location Austria is its highly qualified and motivated workforce. According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2018 Austria is ranked 5th in a worldwide comparison of worker motivation.

Low strike rate
Political and social stability and one of lowest strike rate worldwide make Austria an ideal business location for international companies.

Educated for the economy
A special benefit of the Austrian educational system are the close ties between companies and schools.

Industrial nation with strong purchasing power
Austria is the fourth richest country in the EU.

Highest quality of life
Vienna is one of the highest-valued working places for managers in the world and has been congress destination # 1 for years.

A state-of-the-art transport and telecom infrastructure makes fast transport of goods and information easily possible.