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JOANNEUM RESEARCH develops solutions and technologies for business and industry in a wide range of sectors and conducts cutting-edge research at an international level. With a focus on applied research and technology development, it plays a key role in technology and knowledge transfer as an INNOVATION COMPANY. The research portfolio of JOANNEUM RESEARCH covers the three major subject areas: information and production technologies, human technologies and medicine, society and sustainability.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH actively works with industry and the public sector to generate new innovations and consistently pursues technology transfer to industry by working on application-oriented R&D projects.

Business opportunities

Business opportunities

WEDDA® - Weather Driven Demand Analysis

WEDDA®, a product of JOANNEUM RESEARCH-LIFE, offers tailor-made weather-based tools to optimise daily planning and business processes for companies in the tourism and leisure industry, wholesalers and retailers, the beverage industry and energy suppliers.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is looking for scientific cooperation, partnerships and customers for technology, method and product development, also with regard to socio-political issues.

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