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Export prizes 2022: A spotlight on Austria’s top exporters

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA has been honouring Austrian companies whose international involvement promotes economic development, prosperity and employment.

Embracing a climate-friendly future with the circular economy: #greentechaustria

Austrian firms are technology and market leaders in planning resource-neutral product life cycles and responsible stewardship of resources.

Winter sports made in Austria are reaching Olympian heights

The Olympic Winter Games in Beijing are a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the skills and innovations contributed by Austrian firms to the world of winter sports.

A digital declaration of love

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (Lovers) – one of the world’s most famous works of art and the centerpiece of the Belvedere’s collection – will be specially implemented as an NFT project.

“World Champion Austria” - Yearbook 2022

The yearbook provides detailed insights into the Austrian economy and provinces.

GoStudent: a high-flying unicorn

The Austrian online tutoring platform GoStudent has notched up another world record: after an investment of EUR 300 million, the startup is now worth USD 3 billion.

High-efficiency Austrian INNIO Jenbacher gas engine powering new pasta factory in Cameroon

Clarke Energy, the successful distribution partner of INNIO Jenbacher has installed a natural gas-fuelled J320 engine which is now delivering a resilient on-site power supply

Greentech from Austria is promoting climate action worldwide

With their environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible solutions, companies from Austria are in the vanguard of efforts to enable sustainable use of our resources.


Medical technology from Austria encompasses everything from diagnostic devices and dental instruments to building and managing large hospitals.

Austrian company EVG installs world’s best mesh welding machine at Primlaks Industries in Lagos

The fastest and most innovative system available on the world market was successfully put into operation in February 2021