Facts and Figures - Education

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Austria’s educational system is numbered among the best in the world.  One of the distinctive features of the Austrian educational system is the extensive co- operation prevailing between the business community and educational institutions.
  • 4,7%

    share of GDP for education

    In 2018, 4.7% of GDP was spent in Austria on education, excluding the pre-primary sector, and the trend is an upward one.

  • 31.2%

    percentage of pupils in the dual system

    In 2019, 31.2% of pupils of the secondary level II attended combined school and occupational training, the successful dual system.

  • 18.6%

    percentage of the population with a university degree

    18.6% of the population aged between 25 and 64 have a degree from a university or an academic qualification (2019).

  • 18

    pupils per class

    The average size of a primary school class in Austria is 18.3 pupils (2019); the OECD average is 21.1 pupils.


Source: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Universities and universities of applied sciences in Austria in 2021 
Public universities 22
Private universities 16
Universities of applied sciences 21
Total: 59
Source: OECD – Education at a Glance 2021, country profile Austria
Education expenditure in Austria in 2018
Education expenditure per pupil/student in US dollars USD 17,469 
Share of total education expenditure in GDP 4.7%


Last update : 2023-04-24