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190 years of expertise in ship propulsion, innovative swing protection for yachts, efficient pump systems? Austria is a country of maritime industries, even without access to the sea.

The maritime industry encompasses the provision of goods and services from the areas of shipbuilding, shipyards, ship and boat construction, ports, infrastructure, logistics, tourism and supplier industry. 

Maritime shipping is the largest sector in the maritime industry. It incorporates the use of water-borne vessels, in particular to transport people and goods. The topic of river shipping and inland shipping also round off the topic of the maritime industry.

Maritime suppliers and service providers concentrate on the development and production of innovative system solutions. These relate not only to the product "ship" but also to maritime plants and systems for port management and logistics, maritime environmental and safety technology and offshore technology and other areas of marine technology. 


Austrian companies of the maritime industry supply products of exceptional quality that are recognised internationally. The supply of engines and drive systems is particularly important, but safety technology, fire prevention, interior design, suspensions, pumps and control systems from Austria are also in demand. 

A special characteristic of Austrian companies are the customised solutions that are developed and implemented jointly based on customer requirements. The industry is characterised by a long tradition, sustainable objectives and great innovative expertise.


Future opportunities for production and supplier companies are currently to be found in the area of maritime shipping, particularly in port management, at shipping companies and in logistics consulting. European ports are thus increasingly positioning themselves as logistics hubs, full-service providers for logistics services and carriers for modal split transport. The Danube region as a shipping corridor to the Black Sea is showing a positive development in goods handling and tourism.


The current trend in ship construction is fundamentally going in the direction of an expansion in transport capacities (containers) per ship. Questions relating to environmental compatibility and the use of alternative drive systems and fuels are a challenge in this regard.