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The work of the engineer is often ‘hidden’ but essential to the smooth working of many aspects of our world. Skills include consultancy, planning, surveying, analysis and management – in areas as diverse as mechanical and electrical engineering, interior architecture, water management and landscape planning. Engineering from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Austrian companies

  • SMP Consulting & Handel GmbH

    smp aviation (Satcom Marketing & Project Management GmbH) specializes in providing security and security related solutions to organizations such as police, civil protection, coast guard, VIP’s, business executives and many other agencies ...

  • ATC - Austrian Technology Corporation GmbH

    AUSTRIAN TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION GmbH (ATC) is the umbrella organisation of Austrian technology firms from a wide variety of sectors that have joined forces to create a common platform. The ATC is tasked with furthering the interests of ...

  • Dr. Schörner Consulting

    Dr. Georg Schoerner is one of the leading experts in the field of emissions inventories and air quality planning, He is also an legally certified environmental expert for environmental damages, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA / EIS) ...

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