Webinar – Australia’s Energy Transition

Leading experts from Austria and Australia discuss the future of the energy industry in Australia

© Advantage Austria
© Advantage Austria

Including Australia's energy exports, the country is one of the world's largest climate polluters. However, Australia is going through an energy transition and is geared towards generating more and more electricity from renewable sources. Coal and LNG exports are expected to be replaced by green hydrogen to allow Australia to be a leading energy exporter also in the future.

The webinar includes a quick background on smart energy in Australia, followed by an introduction of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and its role and impact on the industry. The introduction is followed by some operational implications, namely the Australian electricity market, and the rooftop solar industry in Australia. The webinar is concluded by a discussion of the hydrogen industry, followed by an extensive Q&A session. 

The speakers:

  • John Grimes, Smart Energy Council Australia
  • Matt Walden, Australian Renewable Energy Agency
  • Sigi Psutka, Wirsol Australia
  • Hans Georg Einwagner, Fronius
  • Thomas Longden, Australian National University