GoStudent: a high-flying unicorn

The Austrian online tutoring platform GoStudent has notched up another world record: after an investment of EUR 300 million, the startup is now worth USD 3 billion.

© GoStudent
© GoStudent

GoStudent was already hitting the headlines as far back as June 2021, when it became a unicorn after an investment in excess of EUR 200 million.

This successful trajectory has continued into the beginning of this year, with the Austrian online tutoring platform netting an investment of EUR300 million, the largest amount ever invested in an Austrian startup. This has doubled the valuation of GoStudent, which currently stands at USD 3 billion.

It all started in 2015 with tutoring sessions delivered via messenger service. Now developed into a digital study platform, GoStudent offers individual, fee-based courses in virtual classrooms for all subjects, school year groups and school types. Their mission since the founding of the company has been to help children develop their potential by providing support throughout their educational journey and ensuring they have the appropriate educator at their side. More than 1,300 employees and over 15,000 tutors are employed at over 20 locations to this end, with some 1.5 million hours of tutoring being booked every month in 2021.

GoStudent’s core markets are Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but the company has also begun operations further afield (Canada, Mexico, Chile and Colombia). Further expansion is planned this year, and their ambitions are plain to see: GoStudent wants to lead the world in tutoring.