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Electrics / Electronics / Mechatronics

The second largest industrial employer, this sector is both research and training-intensive. 80% of products travel to over 150 countries - including lighting technology, energy, medical and traffic engineering products. Growing digitization makes this sector vital for our future. Electrics, Electronics and Mechatronics from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Facts and figures - Electrics / Electronics / Mechatronics

  • 68,640


  • 19.7

    billion euros in production 

  • 17.65

    billion euros in exports  

  • 9.1%

    export percentage

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Austrian Companies

  • Blue Danube Robotics GmbH

    With AIRSKIN®, Blue Danube Robotics ushers in the future of open and flexible production by enabling industrial robots to work productively without a fence.

  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

    JOANNEUM RESEARCH develops solutions and technologies for business and industry in a wide range of sectors and conducts cutting-edge research at an international level.

  • Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

    Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH is the world's leading supplier of production systems for the battery, cable & wire and optical fibre industries.

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