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The DiBiCoo project is part of the European Commission's Safe, Clean and Efficient Energy initiative under the H2020 research and innovation programme. It contributes significantly to strengthening Europe as a business location and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy production worldwide, while increasing the share of renewable energy in energy systems. In addition, the project makes an important contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7: "Affordable and clean energy".

To this end, the project supports the European biogas / biomethane industry to gain a foothold in export markets in developing and emerging countries and to stimulate demand there for know-how and sustainable biogas / biomethane technologies from Europe. This will be achieved through the development and application of innovative digital support tools based on artificial intelligence, networking meetings, extensive knowledge transfer and capacity building, and the development of demo projects up to the investment phase.

Sales markets and target countries

DiBiCoo thus facilitates the diversification of sales markets for European industry and increases the use of biogas technologies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The target countries (importing countries) are Argentina, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia and South Africa. These countries were selected because of the high market potential for biogas production and the favourable regulatory environment and support programmes, and they require high quality technologies adapted to local conditions. The project addresses two main challenges in developing and emerging countries. On the one hand, the management and treatment of organic waste and, on the other hand, the increasing demand for energy. DiBiCoo therefore promotes technologies and concepts for the collection and treatment of organic waste (e.g. biowaste, food waste, agricultural waste, food waste) as well as biogas technologies (anaerobic digestion and small-scale gasification) and their energetic use (e.g. household sector, CHP, process heat, transport). In this way, the project contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the share of renewable energies in the regional energy system.

DiBiCoo Project Website: https://dibicoo.org/

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