Energy Globe Award 2021

Deadline for project submissions has been extended

The Energy Globe Award, World Award for Sustainability, is organized by the independent Energy Globe Foundation from Austria and presented as a renowned prize for sustainable initiatives worldwide. This award was founded in 1999 in Austria, honouring the best solutions for current energy and climate challenges. Since then, this initiative has expanded globally and is presented annually in over 170 countries.

All projects offering solutions to our environmental problems, especially concerning the reduction of emissions and pollution, can participate. This award is presented in the categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. Every individual, private or public institution, company, NGO, etc. can submit one or multiple project(s).

The submission is free and the Deadline for project submissions has been extended until 28 January 2021. 

This is a great initiative for any sustainable projects running currently in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands. For more information in regards to the application process click here.