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Austria has a long tradition of trade and cooperation with Egypt reaching back to the 19th century. Thus the Austrian engineer Alois Negrelli featured prominently in the planning of the Suez Canal in the 1860s. Austrian contributions to Egyptian success stories are noteworthy to this day. For example, Austrian experts are helping with “Egypt's gift to the world”, the New Suez Canal project, by providing engineering services for the tunnel projects crossing the Suez Canal. Austrian technology and know-how are widely used in Egypt. They are, however, often hidden “inside” projects and are, therefore, not noticed by the public. Important Austrian involvement and cooperation in Egyptian projects includes hydropower installations on the Nile, formwork and facade solutions for the Egyptian Grand Museum, water treatment and desalination plants to ensure drinking water supply for Egypt or even four sided professional squash courts for one of Egypt’s favorite sports. Of course some of the famous brands are well known to all Egyptians; think only of jewelry or consumer goods such as fruit juices, energy drinks, sweets and dairy products. 

In case you are surprised by how ingenious Austria, Austrian companies and products are and want to know more please see our Video screen our Website and let us know cairo@advantageaustria.org


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Cairo / The Austrian Commercial Office in Cairo is the link between Austrian companies and their potential partners in Egypt, Libya and Sudan. 

We offer the following services:

  • Information on Austrian suppliers of products and services
  • Link to Austrian professional associations and federations
  • Information on Austrian import market and investment

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Georg Krenn has been acting as Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Cairo since August 2021.

He joined ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in 2013 and has since supported Austrian companies as Deputy Head of the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices in Bangkok, Istanbul, Berlin and Moscow.

Please add him on LinkedIn to keep updated about Austrian activities in the region: www.linkedin.com/in/georg-krenn

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Cairo covers Egypt, Libya and Sudan
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    Marketing Officer

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    Administration/HR Officer

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    Commercial Officer

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    Event Management Officer

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    Logistics and General Affairs

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