Austrian investors building largest battery unit in Romania

Megalodon Storage intends to complete its 7 MW lithium ion battery storage unit in Ilfov county near Bucharest next year. Construction works began in the spring.


A company controlled by Austrian investors obtained the energy license for a battery storage facility project in the village of Căciulați in the commune of Moara Vlăsiei. Megalodon Storage also has a one-year technical approval for the facility’s connection to the electricity distribution network operated by Enel’s E-Distribuție Muntenia.

Battery power to be doubled in next phase

Megalodon’s facility will be connected to the Căciulați 110/20 kV transformer station. The plan is to double the unit’s power to 14 MW in the second phase.

Construction works began in the spring and the company intends to get the battery system online next year. It will be used for automatic frequency restoration reserve (aFRR) for the power grid, also known as secondary reserve.

LSG Group designed Megalodon’s cooling system

The battery modules will be liquid cooled and have a redundant water-cooling system, the Austrian construction company and renewable energy developer said. It revealed it designed it on its own, for optimal cooling of each single battery cell. LSG Group is also active in Croatia and neighbouring Serbia.

Green Source Energy Management will be responsible for technical and commercial operation and maintenance, according to the same announcement, issued after construction works began.