Romanian patients seek treatment in Austria

Wiener Privatklinik (WPK) has seen a growing number of Romanian patients in recent years. At the time the institution opened an office in the country in 2016, around 10% of its international patients came from Romania. By 2019, the percentage had grown to 35%.  

Vienna has always been a favorite destination for medical tourism because of its proximity to the country, and Romanian patients trust the Austrian healthcare system, Walter Ebm, CEO of WPK, explains. Many are requesting the services of WPK's dedicated oncology center, and the institution has also seen an increase in the demand for check-up services. The pandemic-related travel restrictions impacted the flow of patients in the first part of 2020, but the situation recovered starting this year. While WPK isn't looking to open clinics abroad, it plans to expand the services it offers to international patients looking for treatment in Austria.

More about what draws local patients to WPK, the segments the institution considers interesting in the local market, and how it dealt with the pandemic in the Q&A below.