Austrian Wine Tasting in Bangkok 2022


The second annual Austrian Wine Tasting was organized on a memorable date: 22-02-2022. Not only the date was memorable but also the response by the Thai wine community to the finest of Austria's reds and whites of all wine growing regions in Austria was one that will remain in the memory. Over 250 guests enjoyed the specific Austrian wine varieties from Grüner Veltliner and Gemischter Satz to Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt, only to name a few of them. 

Organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Bangkok, the Austrian Embassy's Commercial Section, in cooperation with the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, this event showcased more than 160 different wines from 57 wineries from all over Austria. The event was split into 3 different sessions. It started with a Masterclass, led by the Master Sommelier Chris Mercier, where around 30 selected local wine experts were introduced to the different regions, terroirs and typical grapes of Austria.          

This was kick off for the main tasting, were over 120 wine professionals gathered to taste the broad range of the Austrian wines, from the very South of the wine making areas, the Südsteiermark, to the most northern part of it, the Weinviertel, to the Eastern-most region of the Burgenland.          

After the professionals it was time for the wine enthusiasts and VIP guests to enjoy the Austrian wines. The outgoing Austrian Ambassador, Dr. Eva Hager, honored the event with giving a final farewell to her fellow Austrians with a traditional "Prost". Then again it was all about training one's palate, finding new gems that one would like to taste in order to enhance the Austrian wine presence in Thailand.          

It is safe to say, that all people that attended this exclusive event, already have their eyes on next year in the hope to find even more of Austrian wines available in Thailand. Of the 57 wineries present, around one third is already represented in Thailand. The other two thirds are currently looking to find importers to begin entertaining Thai palates more regularly than just once a year. If you are interested in importing Austrian wines or find out where to get these in Thailand, please contact the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Bangkok office, the details are below.

In the Links section below you can download the Tasting Brochure (with contact details of all 57 Austrian wineries and the importers) and more pictures of the event, and you will find a list of Austrian wine importers in Thailand.


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