Austrian Business Confidence Survey 2021

The annual Business Confidence Survey, conducted by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Ho Chi Minh City among the Austrian subsidiaries in Vietnam, reveals that Austrian businesses, despite being hit by the Covid-19 lock-down this year, retain a positive outlook on the business climate in 2022, with an expected rise in turnover and investment.

Key findings of the Austrian Business Confidence Survey 2021

  • Severe, but temporary deterioration of business climate due to Corona crisis in 2021
  • Regulatory measures and supply chain issues slowed down business
  • Drop in satisfaction with Vietnam‘s management of the Corona crisis
  • Business climate outlook remains solidly positive
  • 50 % of companies expect rise in turnover, 40 % rise in investment
  • Despite difficulties continuing trust in Vietnam as a location
  • Uncertainty and red tape are top concerns on a regulatory level
  • Quality of labour, infrastructure and supply chain are the major market-related concerns
  • Networking and lobbying are the services most requested from ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Vietnam

For the complete survey, please refer to the "Downloads" section.