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In order to make the right decisions at a time of global developments and rapid technological change, an external view is often required. Austrian IT providers, management consultants and accountants support their customers with a good sense of issues relevant to the future and with in-depth expertise. And the fact that customers are satisfied with the services of Austrian consultancies is shown by sales figures in the sector: knowledge-based service providers in Austria, with over 80,000 employees, record annual sales growth rates of 8%.

Consulting successes are customer successes

The times when consultants had an image problem are a thing of the past. The quality requirements and the training standards in the industry are high and the experts enjoy the trust of their customers. Increasing workforce figures and growing export revenues show that knowledge-based service providers are a growth industry in the digital age.

Austrian consulting companies cover the entire range of consulting services, from management consulting for strategy development, from company analysis or services such as mergers/acquisition consulting and innovation consulting. Of course, Austrian consultants also work in the fields of HR policy and strategy, personnel marketing and outplacement.

Large consulting firms are active in Austria, offering various consulting services from one source. In addition, there is also a large number of small and medium-sized consulting companies who have specialised very successfully in certain Areas.

For example, future-oriented companies can find an Austrian specialist who helps them to integrate the topic of sustainability in all its facets (sustainable development and climate change, resource management, ethics, value added, energy) in their company practice in an economically expedient manner.

And Austrian consultants also make unique things possible such as the first photovoltaics system that can be plugged in directly to a socket. This entirely Austrian product owes its development to a pre-sales crowd funding with which new standards are set in the innovation management of SMEs: "100% innovation with 10% risk".

View to the future - and international perspective

The consultants from Austria are partners for companies all around the world. Austrian companies generate around 20% of their turnover beyond Austria's borders.

The consulting industry in Austria is driving the "i-volution": developments on the Internet, innovation and future orientation. For instance, a system unique anywhere in the world, developed in Austria, makes it possible to operate and visualise hydro power plants via smartphone, tablet and PC with just a browser. The web solutions sets new standards in automation technology and combines the classical PLC control system with the world of Cloud, smartphones and Big Data.


Digitalisation not only offers new business opportunities and potential, it also harbours risks. Qualified consulting in the area of information and data security reduces the risk. It prevents attacks against digital IT infrastructures and helps companies to protect their individual property, their data and their business secrets. Austrian management consultants have the specialist knowledge to find manufacturer-independent, future-proof solutions for companies worldwide.

Highest standards

Strict guidelines and training standards guarantee the quality of the services of Austrian consulting companies. An important role in compliance with high standards is played by the quality academy incite that with various certifications offers proof of achievement and proof of qualification for Austrian consultants that is recognised internationally.