Overview - Renewable Energies

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Austrian companies are devising procedures to produce biodiesel with high efficiency from various raw materials, e.g. vegetable oils, used cooking oils and animal fats. They are planning, building and operating large solar plants for water heating, space heating, process heat and solar cooling. They are making floating photovoltaic systems. Austrian inventive talent has a long tradition in energy matters: the heat pump, one of the most efficient and progressive cooling and heating methods, was invented in Austria 150 years ago.  Today’s technology leader in this area also comes from Austria, making at least 8,000 heat pumps a year.

Austria has great experience with renewable energies, i.e. with energy resources that are available in the long term. The research laboratories and research centres of Austrian companies produce internationally recognised technology that has proven its worth worldwide through efficiency and quality. The invention and optimisation of machines and systems for the transformation of hydro power has always been seen as the domain for Austrian companies and is in demand worldwide. Another source of renewable energies is the energy potential of biomass from renewable resources. 

Austria plays a fundamental role in the development of renewable energy technology and international customers will find many areas of the industry covered in Austria, e.g.:

  • hydro power: plant construction, turbines, consulting and engineering
  • biomass: bio gas, wood, wood chips, wood pellets, plant construction, boiler manufacturers, conveyor technology
  • solar heat and photovoltaics: modules, consulting and planning
  • wind power: turbine manufacturers, plant construction, consulting, operation of wind farms
  • heat pumps

More than a third of Austrian photovoltaics modules are exported. With biomass boilers and solar thermal collectors, the export percentage is substantially over 70%.

Corporate landscape

Austrian companies in the area of renewable energy carriers are in many cases world leaders in niche markets. Many SMEs also deal with planning services and consulting. The producers in the industry offer customer-oriented, customised solutions with an above-average service component. Here are just a few examples:

From its origins in glass production, an Austrian company has developed further in the direction of photovoltaics that is used in the building sector. 

An Austrian producer supplied two Francis turbines and generators for the extension to the Mica hydro power plant in Canada. 

The pioneer in the development of energy and cost-saving battery recharging technology can be found in Austria. 

The leading provider in the field of biomass heating in Europe has Austrian roots.

The world's first, easy-to-use all-in-one photovoltaics system with exceptional design comes from Austria.

People with responsibility

The training of the employees is very important in the field of renewable energies. The special feature in Austria, that of the "dual system" (apprenticeship at a company and attendance at a vocational school) guarantees that there will also be specialists in future who are able to combine theory and practice. Interdisciplinary courses of training at universities of applied sciences and technical universities also contribute to customers also being able to rely on Austrian expertise in the future too when it comes to renewable energy carriers.

The Austrian companies in the sector want to make an active contribution to achieving the climate goals. They take their responsibility towards the environment seriously and their economic activity itself is sustainable and deliberate. The safety aspect is also taken into consideration. In most cases, energy production through renewable energy carriers is on a small and decentralised scale and thus more stable in the event of individual failures. The disadvantage of natural resources is the fluctuations in the availability. That is why Austrian companies deal with the topics of the saving of electrical energy and supply reliability for regenerative energy. They thus contribute to a positive development in the energy sector.

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