Pilot project launches in Vienna: Gargle tests for everyone

Austria's capital adds PCR gargle test from LEAD Horizon to its existing COVID-19 test offering

© C. Jobst/PID
© C. Jobst/PID

The Austrian company LEAD Horizon has been developing rapid, safe and painless COVID-19 tests since the beginning of the pandemic. Together with the Vienna Economic Chamber and the City of Vienna, a pilot project has been implemented for the capital, enabling Viennese businesses to test up to 60,0000 employees twice a week. The samples are evaluated in a certified laboratory by means of PCR analysis. The test set including the process is internationally patented and easy to use.

The test box is provided free of charge by a local logistics partner. The gargle test is carried out independently using video instructions and a web app in front of the computer or smartphone and filmed. The identity of the test person is confirmed by means of digital documentation. The test set is then returned to one of the logistics partners. Within 24 hours, the result and the certificate are sent by e-mail.

This cooperation increases the chances of avoiding a new lockdown and the associated economic damage and has already been well received internationally. And further roll-outs are already being planned.