Vienna General Hospital once again recognised as one of the best in the world

Vienna General Hospital (AKH Wien) and the university clinics jointly run with the Medical University of Vienna have achieved 30th place in international clinic ratings.

© AKH Wien/Christian Hudek
© AKH Wien/Christian Hudek

The healthcare sector is currently facing a host of challenges; the aftermath of the pandemic has been compounded by uncertainties such as a rise in inflation and running costs, along with preparations for looking after an increasingly ageing population.

It is thus not just “first-class care, first-class research and first-class innovation” that are essential; consistency was also a key criterion in assessing a total of 2,300 clinics, with institutions from 28 countries included in this year’s exercise.

The top places were taken by the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, the Cleveland Clinic, and Massachusetts General Hospital (all USA). The Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset (Sweden) was the highest-rated hospital in Europe (5), and two other Austrian institutions featured in the Top 100: Innsbruck University Clinics (58) and Graz University Clinic (79).

The US news magazine Newsweek and Statista, an online statistics platform, have been publishing the World’s Best Hospitals rankings since 2019. The table is based on several data sources, combining e.g. questionnaire responses from medical experts and patients with particular national indices of medical quality.

While last year may have seen Vienna General Hospital slightly higher in the ratings, the institution can nonetheless be proud of this year’s results. With the Medical University of Vienna, it jointly runs 29 university clinics with more than 400 specialised outpatient departments; some 80,000 people are treated as in-patients annually, with outpatient care accounting for approximately 1.2 million further consultations.