Natural Products Expo West 2022

Advantage Austria's first attendance at Natural Products Expo West

The Natural Foods sector is steadily growing all around and Austria has long been a pioneer in that field. Roughly a quarter of Austria´s cultivated land is reserved for organic agriculture, for example.

While many might associate Austria with The Sound of Music and Mozart, our culinary heritage is very strong as well. Traditional food is quite hearty – Sacher Torte and Wiener Schnitzel come to mind - but in recent years, more and more healthy options have showed up on Austrian shelves. Austria's clean water, Alpine landscape and deep cultural traditions all help ensure the excellent quality of Austrian products.

We hope you enjoy our repertoire of Austrian producers at Natural Products Expo West – we believe there is something for everyone – whether it is food, supplements, drinks or beauty products.

The US is one of Austria´s most important commercial partners and we do hope to see trade between the two countries increase even more in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about doing business with Advantage Austria: newyork@advantageaustria.org

Meet 7 Austrian companies

    • Participating companies

  • VFI GmbH

    VFI Oils for Life one of the leading producers of organic vegetable oils worldwide. The company specializes in high quality refined organic oils for food and infant nutrition manufacturers.

  • Wildalpen - Wasserverwertungs GmbH

    Wildalpen is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps and bottles untreated, pure Alpine spring water.

  • 3fruits & friends GmbH

    3fruits&friends has created a healthy snack from organic apples, without any preservatives or flavour enhancers.

  • Caricol - Digestive & Immune Health GmbH

    Founded in Austria in 2003, Caricol develops and produces dietary foods and natural food supplements for digestive and immune system health.

  • Perpmer Silvio

    ELIAH SAHIL ORGANIC CARE was founded in 2008 by Silvio Perpmer. Out of love for nature and for his son Eliah Sahil, Silvio Perpmer created products that are kind to people and the environment.

  • Styx Naturcosmetic GmbH

    STYX natural cosmetic products are made from plant-based raw materials that are organically cultivated or grow in the wild and vegetable oils of the highest quality.

  • IMS Höllinger GmbH

    Hollinger has been synonymous with great taste and natural quality since 1998, is the market leader in the Austrian direct juice segment and exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.